Distributed - Learn how to switch to remote business



  • If you want higher margins and greater growth

  • If you want to hire the best people anywhere

  • If you want your business more flexible and adaptable



If you are a small business owner or sole entrepreneur

If you operate a small digital shop or you are a successful freelancer but want to grow remotely. This book details the process on how to transition your company to a remote business while helps you to avoid the risks.

If you are struggling with growing your business

If you have low margins, increased challenged in finding the best talents or you have too much competition and only a few leads. This book helps you to increase your margins, find the best people, stand out from the crowd and get more leads.

If you are just starting your company and want to expand

If you are a startup who just got started and looking for effective ways to scale your business fast - this book shows you how to do it. Scaling a remote business is faster, cheaper and more flexible compared to a traditional business model.


170+ pages PDF without illustrations - it’s not your regular ebook

Step-By-Step process on how to build your remote business

Case Studies, examples and manuals that you can implement today



In the first chapter, you will learn why distributed business is the way forward:

  • Why this is the best timing to run to switch to a distributed business model and why you aren't late in the party

  • How the work itself has changed in the recent years and how you can capitalize on this change

  • Why a traditional business model is broken and how it limits you from growing further

  • The key benefits of a distributed business:

    • The reclamation of your freedom and time

    • The reclamation of your autonomy

    • The reclamation of your focus

    • The reclamation of your control

    • The reclamation of your investment and money

  • The key challenges of a distributed business: communication, motivation, integration, retention and transformation - and how to overcome these challenges


In the second chapter, you will learn how to launch your distributed business:

  • How do you know if the distributed business is right for you: the important steps you need to take to evaluate your business before switching to the distributed model

  • How to pivot your distributed model and minimize risk of switching

  • The key differences between partially and fully distributed teams

  • How to launch your distributed business from scratch as a freelancer or a startup


In the third chapter, you will learn how to build your distributed business:

  • How to set the foundations for your business:

    • How to do market research, how to test your business model and how to build a public image

    • How to manage paperwork, how to incorporate globally and how to manage contracts with your employees

    • How to automate company management online and what are the key tasks, you can automate

  • How to hire your team remotely:

    • Why you don't need to hire remotely at all - why betting on locals first should be your first move

    • How to hire from freelancing sites, how to use remote recruitment services and how to hire from remote job boards

    • How to manage the hiring process remotely on your own:

      • How to write a great job post

      • How to filter applicants

      • How to do a job interview remotely

      • How to test the applicants remotely

      • How to do a trial period with a new hire remotely

  • How to retain and manage remote employees:

    • What is remote work culture and how to build it from scratch

    • How to do on-boarding for new hires and new clients

    • How to align company goals remotely and how to set new challenges

    • How to build up your communication and collaboration remotely, how to keep everyone on your team happy and connected

  • How to create your virtual office: how to get the best our from co-working offices, working from home and working on the road

  • The basic principles on how to work remotely with your team:

    • How to structure your remote team for better efficiency

    • How to manage, track and collaborate on projects remotely

    • How to master remote communication: how to do video calls, distributed meetings and communication policies

    • How to celebrate your company culture and why it is important: how to do offline meet-ups, team retreats and how to share your company culture


In the last chapter, you will learn how to grow your distributed business:

  • How to do sales and marketing differently in a remote environment

  • How to deal with failures and setbacks

  • How to find inspiration for your business and when to ask for an outsider help


The Distributed - How To Launch, Grow And Build Your Remote Business book is 170+ pages in PDF format - no illustrations. 




What makes me qualified to tell you how to build a remote business?

I know all sides of the table. I owned a digital agency with a traditional setup. I worked in advertising companies where I managed bluechip clients with in-office teams. I worked as a remote freelancer and now I’m managing my own remote business. I know the pitfalls for all of these setups and my passion is to share it with everyone. This book is an essence of my work and the experiences I gained in the recent years and it took me months to write it. If you are interested you can learn more about me here.

Can the distributed business help your business and will it work for you?

It depends. It is not a secret sauce or secret formula. This book helps you to evaluate your business if this model is right for you. In short: if you are selling a digital product or service and you have 0-30 people in your team, you can be almost certain that there is room for the distributed business model.

This book, however, is just a book. It is not tailored to your personal needs and current business setup. You either have to implement it on your own, doing the hard work and learn from your own mistakes or you can work with us on the implementation. 

How much time do you need to implement the recommendations in the book?

To read the book, it takes hours. It is not a short guidebook or a quick ebook at all. To implement the findings, it depends on your current business situation. To our clients on average, it takes at least a month to launch this model from scratch and 2-4 months to transition their existing business to a distributed model. To make it a fruitful change and harvest the outcomes - it takes 4-6 months at least. It is not a get-rich-quick or achieve-success-next-week scheme, success needs hard work and dedication for a long period of time.

Why am I offering this book for free?

If this book is that good, it shouldn't be free, right? Well, no. I truly believe that remote business shouldn't be the playground only for digital nomads and millennial entrepreneurs - it is my passion to share this knowledge with everyone who's interested in building a remote business or switching their offline office to a remote one. Also, Anywhere is a consulting company - we make our living through our consulting services. In our revenue, asking $5-$20 for a book, does not really make a difference. This book for us is marketing tool - let's be honest, with you subscribing, we will get a valuable space in your email box.