Our services help entrepreneursstartups and small businesses to overcome one problem: growth. We help them to evaluate their business, implement changes and jumpstart their growth. We do this through our mixture of business consulting and marketing services.

Our services are not for everyone. To help you quickly decide if we can help you, read this questionnaire first.

You have a business that sells digital products or services

You have 0 to 30 people in your team currently.

You have growth challenges: low margins OR hiring / team issues OR low sales.

If you answered YES to all of the questions, we can help you. 


To get you off the ground

$390 one-off

This package is designed for you to get started. It has a one-off cost, a start and an end. 

This package is focusing on the start and setting the foundation for a distributed business.


Group consulting

$350 per month

The workshop is designed for those who want to grow and need support for growth. 

It is a group consulting service and it has a monthly fee, cancel anytime.


1:1 consulting

$1,950 per month

The Growth Program is a retainer, 1:1 consulting package with a monthly fee, which you can cancel anytime.

It is designed for business owners who need personal support to build and grow their remote business.


We work on fixed price packages. Each of our packages are designed to your current needs. If you need a tailored solution, please contact us directly here.

All packages are done via video chat and remote project management. The Launch Package has a one-off cost and you can buy it anytime. For the Distributed Workshop and the Growth Program, you need to contact us first to see if there is a fit and availability.

If you have a question regarding our services, contact us anytime. The first discovery call is free.

If our services are not a good fit for you now, we also offer products to get you off the ground and start your own distributed business or grow your existing one. However, as our services are fully tailored to your needs, our products aren't. They are general and you are on your own in terms of implementing them. 



Our Launch Package helps you to start your distributed business. Our cooperation with the Launch Package is fixed: it has a start and an end. The Launch Package also has a fixed price of $390. You can buy this service anytime.



The Launch Package is a 1-month accelerator program with a weekly schedule. It requires your personal commitment to participate in the collaboration. The work is done remotely. Every week you have milestones and you receive deliverables to support your launch. You will gain lifetime access to a private Slack room and a closed Facebook Group where you can ask for support. Every week, you get a 1:1 strategy session as well. The cooperation is closed after a 4-weeks schedule with an evaluation call.

If you need further support on building your distributed business, you can either join the GROUP WORKSHOP for group consulting or work with us on a 1:1 retainer in our GROWTH PROGRAM.

In addition, you will gain 20% discount to our Distributed Course and you will receive a free copy of our DISTRIBUTED - How to launch, build and grow your remote business ebook. 





Distributed business is not for everyone. Even if you are starting out, a distributed model might not help you on the long run.

We will ask you the right questions, so we can understand if there is anything we can help. We analyse your business goals, workflows, ideal team structure, and determine if we can add value to your business.


A 1:1 initial consultation, where we understand your goals and objectives and evaluate your business.

A distributed opportunities mapping report.




If both of us agree that there is space where we can implement distributed business solutions, we will create a strategy for you. If at this point either of us think, there is no room for distributed business, we will 100% refund your money. 

This strategy will act as a project plan, agreed by you or / and your management team and ensures your business transformation will stay on schedule and everything is measured by performance metrics. 

Your strategy must be tested and the distributed model has to have a pivot. We will create a pivot plan for you and track all the insights during the pivot period.


A 1:1 strategy session, where we collaborate on your strategy and the pivot plan.

A 1:1 strategy session, where we present the strategy and the pivot plan findings.

A distributed transition plan and strategy document.

A pivot plan and research documents for testing.

A pivot insights report. 




We help you to roll-out the strategy.

We provide a training and a facilitated workshop for your current team and help you to hire new members remotely. 

We create distributed business policies for you which will help you to define a sustainable distributed culture. 


A 1:1 strategy session, where we support you on the roll-out.

A 1hr-long group workshop for your current team. 

Distributed business policy documents and ready-to-use management workflows. 




The last week is all about synchronising and providing support for you. 


A 1:1 strategy session

A 1:1 close-up session, which ends the program



Our Group Workshop helps you to build up your distributed business. If you are just stating out, please visit our LAUNCH PACKAGE. This package is tailored for those who already have a distributed business. This is a group consulting package, where you can get ongoing support. If you need personal 1:1 support and help on implementing business practices and marketing activities, head over to our GROWTH PROGRAM to learn more.




You join our Group Workshop and you claim your seat. You gain access to a weekly group consulting session, where we facilitate the conversation with a proposed topic, but you can ask anything during the call. It is a group consulting session, which means you will be placed in a group with other entrepreneurs.

1:1 Strategy session

Every month, you have the opportunity to join a 1:1 strategy session. On this session you are free to ask anything you need the support for. 


You gain access to a private Slack channel and a closed Facebook group, where you can ask for support. You also have the opportunity to private message us and get answer to your questions within 24hrs.


You get a lifetime 10% discount on all of our products. You can implement all your plans on your own, with our support.



We only run two group workshops at a time and we cap the maximum number of attendees at 10 / group. This ensures that every participant gets the most out of the group workshop.

We run two group workshop sessions per week. Each participant has the option to join one of the workshops every week. 

The program has a monthly subscription and can be cancelled anytime. 

On holidays and short months we ensure there are at least 4 workshops per months available for every participant.

A lifetime 10% discount on all of our products is available on the day when you subscribe for the first month. 

Because there is a maximum number of attendees for this service, please contact us first to check if there is an availability to join. 

Currently we have 0 seats available. 



Our Growth Program is tailored for those who already have a distributed business and they need dedicated 1:1 help for growth. This is a 1:1 retainer commitment with monthly recurring fee.

If you are just starting out, head over to our LAUNCH PACKAGE which helps you to launch your distributed business. It is fixed term, one-off commitment. If you are fine on your own and only need support on implementation, check our GROUP WORKSHOP. It is a monthly recurring commitment, where you receive ongoing support.

This package works as pick-you-want menu. Each package is different and fully tailored to your needs. Some businesses are great with marketing but they are struggling with their team - we focus more on team building and process optimisation. Others have amazing people but have challenges to generate leads - we help them to achieve more with our marketing solutions. 

Because of the complexity of this package, you can't just buy it from the shelf. In order to work together, first please contact us directly. We will schedule a discovery call with you to make sure, this package can add value to your business.

Our growth services have 3 pillars for 3 different needs. 



If you are looking to improve your efficiency in business, our solutions help you to change the way you manage. If you feel you can perform way better but something is in your way to do so, there might be some issues with how you manage your processes or teams. With our help, you will understand where are these flaws and learn how to fix them.


We scan your current processes and spot flaws and lags which can be improved by inserting new techniques.

The output is a playbook designed and tailored for your business with actionable insights and recommendations that you can use.



Because developing a solid marketing funnel and planning out a good positioning strategy is challenging. We are coming from the advertising industry and our background is in marketing. We have worked with S&P500 companies as well as SMEs, created, implemented and managed regional and global campaigns.


Our marketing services range from digital marketing consulting, funnel optimisation and positioning. We offer only high-level marketing consulting but if you are looking for a hands-on marketing team that can help you, head to our recruitment services down below and we can help you.



You need the best from the best to succeed. That is why we offer recruitment services. Getting the best people to your needs is a timeconsuming and challenging process, plus you also need to be an expert in HR to really test the applicants and their capabilities. We will help you to find your best fit.


We offer traditional recruitment services for companies. Based on your needs, we will find the right applicants for you and take a small commission on their first month's fee.




We help you to figure out your needs. You will receive a discovery workshop for a start and then we fully customise the package with you.


Whether it is marketing or human resources, you need a plan to move forward. We deliver the plan for you and help you to execute.


Execution is crucial. We produce pre-agreed deliverables on a fixed price for you. Full support is provided through implementation process.


No matter what is in your package, you will receive weekly 1:1 support sessions and monthly evaluation workshops. We also re-evaluate our collaboration every quarter.


In addition to the package, you will gain a lifetime free access to all of our products. You will also receive a free reserved seat on our Group Workshop with all of its perks. We value your loyalty: the price of your package is reduced by 10% after the first year.