My story

 My professional career spreads out over almost 15 years. These were the milestones.

2006 - 2009

I started as a ‘for-hire’ journalist on the Hungarian market, writing mainly on politics & culture. Shortly transitioned to work in public relations and got introduced to enterprise-level communications at the local Weber Shandwick PR branch office.


2009 - 2012

When social media marketing just got started, I co-founded Hungary’s first social media consulting company, Karmamedia. We quickly secured key clients on the market and grew from 3 to 20+ people. After the second year, our ARR was above $500K.


2012 - 2014

After exiting my company at the top of its performance, I took my chances in London. I wanted to learn on the open market and step up in my game by working for global brands, on global campaigns. For more than two years, I worked as a senior executive for London-based agencies like Them London, Sapient & SapientNitro, and PS Engage. Knowledge is a treasure. You never learn a treasure, but acquire or gain it. I gained lot of experience during those years, I managed & built entire teams, and worked on amazing projects.


2014 -

When remote working got some credibility, I moved back to my hometown Budapest. With the skills & expertise I had, I transitioned into a remote consultant career. Anywhere was founded as my own consulting company and I quickly gained traction online. For the first year, I worked on multiple light projects concurrently. After a year, I focused my attention only on a limited amount of clients at a time. I genuinely believe that the way we work will fundamentally change in the 2020s.


When I’m not working, I enjoy the freedom provided via working remotely. I travel extensively but always keep my home-base in Budapest.