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Anywhere Consulting OU is proudly incorporated in Estonia through their e-Residency program

Company ID: 14386871

Check this number on the Estonian e-Business Register here.

We are a distributed team without a physical office but you can send us mails to our registered address. Our mail is collected by our amazing accountant at Nordic Consult

Office address: Kiriku 6, Tallinn, 10130, Estonia. 

Legal address: Pudisoo kula, 74626, Kuusalu vald, Estonia.

Privacy Policy & Terms and conditions

We respect your privacy. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we don't use your private details for purpose other than sending you newsletters. You can unsubscribe anytime. We also don't share your personal details with anyone.

We don't collect any type of data on your activity on our site other than traditional website metrics. If you notice anything strange when you visit our site, please report it immediately to us.

If you pay us by credit card, all details are stored on 3rd party service providers such as PayPal or Stripe. All of your information is secured. 

Every content on our site is the intellectual property of Anywhere Consulting OÜ. You can share freely by stating us as a source of the content.

We work with clients on individually designed legal contracts to fit to their personal needs. All work related materials are subjects of those contracts and not disclosed in this document.

If you have further questions on our company, our privacy policy and terms and conditions, please contact us directly.


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