The 5 extra skills you need to check when hiring remotely...

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No matter the skills you are looking for in your next employee, there are essential extra skills you need to check when you are hiring a remote employee.

These skills are mandatory for everyone and really don’t matter what type of job you need to fill in: marketer, developer, account manager or virtual assistant. These skills are also soft skills, which can be built up with months or years of remote working so make sure you hire someone who's not just starting up in remote working but also a pro in it and has some background.

The 5 essentials:

  1. Has to be an expert in written communication. Prompt, sharp and clear in written communication. 
  2. Has to be a natural born PM. Project manager at its best - even if the opening is not about PMing.
  3. Has to be proactive. Which translates to autonomy with motivation. 
  4. Has to be an established remote worker with a solid network and track record. You don't want to try someone out who's just starting.
  5. Has to have a transparent background. This is important to establish trust, which is even more important when hiring someone remotely from the internet.

Read my blog post which dives deeper into this subject here: 

I will give you hints and tips on how to check these skills the way I also check when I hire someone for a project. 

Hope it helps and in case of any questions, just hit REPLY.

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