Hey, I'm looking for someone for a project...

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I'm looking for someone to hop on a project. I have no idea what the project is and I have not detailed the budget either. I just need someone, now! 

If that is familiar to you, don't get upset... 

Have you ever browsed remote job boards? Have you looked at the job posts there? I haven't done a calculation but my gut tells me that at least 50% of those job posts are crap. Not because the work or the company is bad but the job post itself is horrible. 

A couple of years ago I would have questioned the reason why recruitment companies exist - apart from the fact that they save time for companies who don't want to deal with hiring themselves or they need big groups of people at the same time. But when remote working became a thing, loads of SMEs and startups flooded to remote job boards and tried to hunt talents with crap job posts. I suddenly realized, writing a job post actually needs some expert guidance. 

I put together a simple article on how to write a great job post when you are looking for remote employees. To sum it up: be transparent, give details, have a lovely summary, skip the bullshit, and highlight the future plan. 

Read my article for more details here: 

Have you written a job post recently? If yes, share it with me in a REPLY pls!

- Peter



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