Transforming your company into a distributed business or launching your first remote company comes with many challenges. We got you covered with this course. Entrepreneurs are self-starters and they have a busy schedule - that is why built this course. You can learn at your own pace and you can commit as much energy as you have at the moment. The course has a do-it-yourself, self-management style and once you enter, you have lifetime access. The course is supported by our Distributed - How to launch, build and grow your remote business ebook as it comes with every course for free of charge.



If you implement the learnings from this course, you can:









Before you purchase the lifetime access to this course, make sure this is right for you. The course solves specific problems for entrepreneurs with specific needs. 

This course can help you only if you honestly answer YES to all of these statements below:

  • You are selling digital products or services.
  • You are a freelancer, solopreneur or you have a team of 1-30.
  • You are facing any or all of these challenges with your business right now: low margins, hiring and team management issues, low efficiency, and productivity, weak lead generation or low growth potential.    

If you answered YES to all the statements above, this course can help you. If you answered NO to one or more times but you believe the course might be a good fit anyway, please contact us directly or read the course FAQ.


Course details

The course is a combination of video lessons, assessments, handouts and templates to help you launch your remote business.

The course is self-hosted on our site - no need to register or create a profile on a 3rd party platform. You don't need any special tech, gadget or software to use the course.

The course has full support in a form of lifetime access to a Slack Group where you can ask questions on the topics and get an asynchronous response. You can also join our closed Facebook Group where you are placed with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The course has a simple structure:

  • It teaches you the process of launching a remote business from start, to build-up and running the business.
  • The modules of the course follow this process but all modules can be used as standalone workflows. You can jump in or out of modules as you wish, or follow the predesigned process.
  • The course provides many support materials from templates, assessment checklists and surveys to make sure it can help you to move forward.
  • The course also comes with an automated newsletter to make sure you are paying attention to key areas of the course. 



  • The evolution of doing business and work
  • The state of remote business now and your opportunities
  • The problem with the traditional business setup: limits of access
  • The benefits of a distributed business
  • The challenges of a distributed business

Module 2 - How to launch

  • How to do a business assessment for a distributed business model
  • How to evaluate your business model
  • How to pivot the distributed business model
  • How to launch your business if you are a solopreneur or a freelancer
  • How to launch your business if you already have an in-office team

MODULE 3 - YOUR First day of launch

  • How to evaluate your market position and competitors
  • How to build a public image and position your business
  • How to incorporate globally
  • How to manage paperwork: contracts, agreements, invoices, proposals
  • How to automate your business management 

MODULE 4 - HOW TO Build your team

  • Where to hire new employees remotely
  • How to write a great job post that attracts the best talent
  • How to hire from freelance sites, recruitment companies a job boards
  • How to filter, interview and test applicants
  • How to onboard new members and how to do a trial period for new employees


  • What is remote work culture and how to create one from scratch
  • Communication in a remote work environment: policies, workflows and schedules
  • When and how to do offline meetups
  • How to organise team retreats and longer coworking events
  • How and why to celebrate your company culture

MODULE 6 - How to work remotely

  • Your ideal team structure for better efficiency
  • How to manage, track and follow projects remotely
  • How to do remote meetings and video calls
  • How to setup your virtual office
  • How to work from different environments: coworking, home office, and on-road challenges


Module 7 - How to grow your business

  • The most effective marketing funnels and how to build them up
  • How to do inbound and outbound marketing without having a marketing team
  • Why you need to build a community around your business and how to do it
  • How to find inspiration and motivation when you get stuck
  • How to overcome failures and when to seek for outside help

Module 8 - Templates and handouts

  • Basic distributed business policies
  • The Launch Checklist
  • Distributed Work Survey for in-office employees
  • Job post and onboarding templates
  • The Distributed Business Toolkit (regularly updated)
  • The Distributed ebook


The Distributed Course is a combination of video lessons, assessments, handouts, and templates. It is self-hosted on this website. When you purchase the course you receive an email with a link and a password to login. From there, you have lifetime access. The course comes with a free copy of the Distributed - How To Launch, Build And Grow Your Remote Business ebook.

You can buy only the course or you can buy the course in bundles.

BUNDLE 1: The course and a 1:1 Strategy Session.  The Strategy Session is a 1:1 call, where we help you to assess your business and answer all of your questions related to your business.

BUNDLE 2: The course and our Launch Package. The Launch Package is our 1-month accelerator program for those who want to launch their distributed business.



The Distributed Course

The Launch Package



The Distributed Course

1:1 Strategy Session



The Distributed Course




Is there a refund guarantee?  

If you are somehow dissatisfied with the course, we will refund 100% of your money. Your refund will be contingent on you opened all of our support automated emails on this course, joined the private Slack Group, our Facebook Group and you personally mailed us a feedback on the cause of why you didn't like the course. These requirements are necessary for us to see that you wanted to get the most out the course, but somehow you weren't satisfied with the product. We don't have refund contingents for those who ask for a refund within 24hrs of their purchase - we just do the refund for them. 

How much time do I need to commit to take this course?

You can finish the course in a day. However, it is designed to commit a couple of hours each day and stretch the commitment for a full week at least. To implement the learnings, you are on your own schedule though.

Do I need any technical requirements to taking the course?

You don't need more than you would need to do a video call. Ideally a desktop / laptop computer, headphones or speakers and a solid internet connection. You also don't need to signup for a 3rd party service like Teachable or Udemy, this course is self-hosted on our website. 

Will my business get better because of this course? 

It depends on how you implement the learnings. This is not the silver bullet - you still need to do the hard work. This course will support you with the best tactics and findings that you can use to make a significant improvement in your business. 

Why should NOT buy this course?

Don't buy it if you are looking immediate return on your investment in this course. As all educational materials, this course is not different: it won't actually pay off overnight. It will get you a strong return on your investment, but it will take some time to materialize. 

Don't buy it if you have zero risk tolerance. This course helps you to transition your business to a distributed company or launch a completely new venture off the ground remotely. If you are not comfortable with the risk of getting into uncharted territories, don't stretch yourself buying this course. Read our free Resources or make a smaller investment to buy our book first.

Can I ask a couple of questions before I make this investment?

Of course - if you still have any questions about this course, head over to our contact page and schedule a Discovery call with us. We will make sure to answer all your questions and help you decide if this course is really valuable to you.