1:1 Consulting Session

I offer 1:1 consulting sessions for those who want feedback or advice on-demand. Sometimes your growth can be pushed on the right track with just a focused session. It is a simple hour-long call with an open-ended agenda, where you get answers to your questions.


Frequently discusses topics:

During these calls, we can discuss a wide range of issues. Some examples: your marketing activities have no impact on the lead generation; you want to grow your marketing team & build your funnels; you are stuck with growing your distributed business; you are a freelancer and want to become a business etc. Ask anything related to your business.

Scheduling the call

After you schedule your call, you will get automated confirmation from me. Usually, I confirm the call personally as well. You receive an email with instructions before the call. If you can’t see an appointment that fits your time or have a question about the consulting session, send me an email.

Before the call

Make sure you have 60-90mins or even more unattended time for the call. Make sure you have an ideal setting for the call: a quiet environment with a proper audio setup. We will discuss your preferred agenda before the call but have some agenda notes in front of you before we start.

During the call

I will attend the call and open the online meeting room for you 5 minutes before the agreed time. These calls often have great insights - make sure you can take notes. The call is set for 60mins so that we will get to the point pretty quickly. We can extend the call if needed with no extra charge.

Terms and conditions

If you don’t attend the call on the agreed time, you have the option to reschedule. I also have the opportunity to reschedule our call 24-hours before the session. The online meeting room closes, and the call is automatically rescheduled if you are more than 15 minutes late from the agreed time. If you are not satisfied with the insights provided during the call, I have a 100% money-back guarantee.


Schedule your call

Use the scheduling tool below to pick the best time that suits you. The price of the consulting session is $150. You can pay through PayPal with your PayPal account or your credit card.