Clients & testimonials 

During my career, I worked with companies across the globe. Launched and managed local, regional and global marketing campaigns. My clients were growing startup businesses as well as Fortune 500 enterprises.

Peter was both a consummate professional and, on a personal level, an absolute pleasure to be around. His ability to think strategically, as well as creatively make Peter a fantastic sounding board for new ideas. Additionally, his wealth of knowledge around the latest developments socially makes him a great barometer - able to explain to staff at every level what’s possible and what’s not. If it’s possible, Peter makes it happen.
— Craig Mather, Strategist @ Sapient UK
During his time with us, Peter showed a great level of knowledge and enthusiasm for digital marketing and helped us to deliver some great results for our clients. He has been instrumental in transforming our thinking on digital marketing and our clients will only benefit from his time with us.
— Luke Delport, Head of Digital @ 2112 Communications
Working with Peter has been really natural and we didn’t need much time to synchronize our thoughts and visions regarding business development projects. His mentality and multinational/multicultural background helped us to better understand new business models.
— Szabolcs Attila Toth, Senior Strategist @ T-Mobile
Peter is a very knowledgeable consultant that was able to shorten the time that it took to reach my business goals. I hope to work again with him. High-value asset!
— Kevin Frommholz, Founder of Go Animated
Peter is essential to our success on every level. He helped us to level up our game and build a great team.
— Dvorah Graeser, Founder & CEO @ KISSPatent
Peter is an awesome talent; we loved working with him, he helped us to understand our offering for our clients, and provided actionable insights for our team.
— Andrea Breanna, Founder & CEO of RebelMouse