How to position your business and succeed in your niche

Positioning your company is crucial to your future success because ultimately, your position as a company will define your position in the market. If you don’t have a clear vision about yourself, on what your company does and for whom you work, you will lose sight of your progress. However, positioning as a distributed company means much more than that. It will define your workflows and also the very foundations of your company structure. 

First, positioning matters because, with that, you can distinguish yourself from your competition. Also, as a distributed company, your positioning or brand image will be the first selling point for customers. As you don’t have a shopfront or you might not do any robust personal networking, your online presence is the only thing that keeps you in the loop. You should always maintain, change and rely on it.

There are three strategies to position yourself as a company. Of course, these are general concepts, so you always have to apply or combine them to fit your unique business needs. 

The Leader

This approach is excellent for those who can claim such quality of service or expertise that can be fitted with this strategy. No matter your competition, you can argue that your business is the leader or expert in the field. However, there are two problems with this strategy: without relevant background, the leadership claim can’t be fitted, second this is the most common approach. It is hard to become an industry leader as if you become one, and you might not need to claim the title at all. 



By Peter Benei


The Explorer

It is more fitted for those companies who have a creative, out-of-the-box and innovative approach for their services. The innovative initiative is the very essence of your position, and you can share how differently you do the work. Hint here, by stating that you are a fully distributed company, and you are already a special one amongst others.  

The Scientist

It is excellent for those who are not dealing with an all-rounder approach and only focusing on one thing. If you are a digital production agency, you might be familiar with 360-approach, where you do pretty much anything that is digital. With the expert approach, you can just one or maybe two types of work, i.e., you are a digital agency who’s focusing only on email marketing. The narrow focus gives you the competitive advantage, and as you are focusing only on one thing, you can claim expert status.

You can also combine the industry leader and pioneer categories or the expert and pioneer categories to get a more solid position.

However, positioning doesn’t stop here for a distributed company. A market position also affects you as a company. If you are transitioning from a traditional setup to a distributed company, you can streamline your operations with a new positioning approach. If you are an all-rounder digital production agency, you can narrow down not just your focus but your team as well, and only work with a small group of experts focusing on one thing. 

We have talked about transparency and its importance before, and I want to highlight that transparency also helps with positioning. With a transparently shared approach, you can design and publish thought leadership materials that can help you to claim the desired position on the market. Any inbound marketing materials you push out, whitepapers, webinars, surveys, blog posts, all of them are tools in your hands in positioning. 

Having a solid vision of where you are and how you approach your industry will help you to attract more clients and raise more awareness about your business. With a stable position, it is also easier to market yourself online. Positioning your company should come after you have a clear vision of the market and on your business model’s viability.



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